New Piece: “Back”

Today for some unknown reason I had the focus to do things I haven't been able to do recently. I cleaned up a bunch of things in the studio, lifted weights, and made the beginning of a new piece. Not an Artpiece made on clothes,but a really challenging piece about human beauty. Just like Ingres I find the human back/torso to be an amazing sculpture of beauty and engineering. All the muscles for bending/twisting/lifting on display under a silken living breathing shell,the skin. So here I go to try to capture this combination. As you can see the end result,composed of strips of different shadows/valleys silk is going to be difficult to figure out how to build this form. Today I worked on arraying the foam forms so that they simulate the curves and tension of a back where the person is raising up on their elbow. I used expanding foam which hardens and can be cut with a bread knife and then made into the shape I needed. Then I stitched them onto the background raw silk fabric. Whew!





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