Making A Padded Jacket…Whew, A Lot Of Work!

Jaykirti makes beautiful padded jackets, you know the ones with the little rows.  So she is having duplicated my red and black one that I bought at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market about 6 years ago  Now, unthinkingly, I believed that you just buy that padded material on a roll of padded fabric and cut out the pattern and make the  jacket.  But here is what really happens; first you buy two sides for the jacket…a red silk for the outside and a black cotton for the inside, in this case.  Then the tailors lay down first one piece of material, in this case black, and then overlay on it  this very thin gauzy fiber and they patch any holes in it (because it is really thin) sort of like you patch a tear in a piece of pie dough.  Then they lay the other piece of material over it, in this case red…then they go to stitching those long straight lines that make the padding.  And it looks spectacular.  So here's one for the truly curious and a testament to the tailors here who are truly masters.  Try stitching a long straight seam in something bumpy….it's hard to do.

DSCN8246 DSCN8247 DSCN8248 DSCN8253 DSCN8267

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