Another Combo Platter…The Front

I made a piece that was rock printing a few days ago and it had red stripes all over it.  I did the back and then didn't like it too much.  It was black, friends, and look dingy and yucky on red, despite what I thought it should look like.  So I unpinned it and waited till today.   I put a combo of flowers (here are some of the blocks to choose from and some of the sample prints I made to check what they looked like) DSCN8255 DSCN8260 DSCN8258 DSCN8256 DSCN8257 DSCN8261and some modern object prints on the front.  Especially loved the effect of the concentric circle block that I had made….gold and yellow printed next to each other in a chain.  Then once I finished the front I realized what I could do to the back to fix it.  I took a small terra-cotta pot that's used for incense here and has a small circular bottom and put turquoise on it and filled the empty circles in the print…it looks amazingly better.  See what you think. (well, it turns out you can;t see because I forgot to take a picture of the amended back….tomorrow)

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