The Combo Vest….With Gold

Today I worked on making another long vest; this is my favorite form because of the long panels.  I wanted to make horizontal stripes of traditional blocks; they are so beautiful and I would have something to wear that displayed a lot of them.  So I got it laid out and picked all the blocks that would go together. And then printed them…except for that beautiful yellow center block of the small tree outline, which I asked Masterji for help with and as you can see he centered it perfectly in the red outline……..and….something was missing.  I got Jaykirti to come down and opine.She's been making clothes for 12 years and has a great eye for what might work.  And  she loves color just as I do.  She said it was too much like what they make and not distinctively like my work.  So, recognizing the truth of her eye, I went back to work and added some of the blocks that I just had made- a lovely metal piece and a small piece of sandstone had been transformed into wooden blocks.  So I added them intermixed into the traditional forms.  The red tree block at the bottom border and center of the back is a block made from a picture of a tree in San Francisco that had not been pollarded; I had a block made of it last year and Jaykirti liked it so much that she had one made for herself.  Voila…and I used gold for the metal piece.  See what you think

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