Jewelry Makes The Woman…And The Jeweler

It is a tradition here for Rajput women to receive large quantities of, what would be for Americans, large stones set in gorgeous settings.  Think Queen Elizabeth.  These are given as gifts to each bride by the groom's parents.  And of course they inherit some too.  The jewelers here are the profit making enterprises and there are stores and ads for jewelry everywhere.  I looked at a magazine today called "Hello" which had a lot of ads for jewelry.  I thought you would enjoy them.  We Americans do not have the gorgeous saris and other highly decorated clothing that Indian women wear.  Jewelry like this does not look out of place on them in a beautiful sari.  And they get to wear these to weddings, birthdays, birth of new baby parties, and other special occasions.  Our celebrities and other very wealthy women have the evening gowns and special events to wear this sort of jewelry, but alas the rest of us are on the outside looking at them in the paper/magazine/tv.

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