Off To The Palace

Last night we went to the City Palace at the invitation of the museum there.  The Princess is continuing a traditional of sponsoring cultural events there.  And she/the society hopes to broaden and increase the scope and quantity of these events.  I went to a number of them last year and they were musical.  This one was the discussion by a very learned, not dynamic-speaker professor on the Mughal influence in the work of a famous 18th century Indian painter named Nainsukh.  The artist was one of a multigenerational set of artists who painted beautiful, very tiny paintings sponsored by rich rulers and patrons.  We started comparing the portraits of hawks and the innovations in making them fill the frame of the picture and then progressed on to beautiful paintings of beautiful women and described in great detail all the relevant comparisons to Mughal inspired themes. I reminded Jaykirti of a Rowan Atkins movie where he is asked to give a verbal analysis of "Whistler's Mother"….look it up on You Tube, as we did last night, and you will see. So I will show you one of these pictures of the beautiful hawks and a lot of pictures of the beautiful City Palace.  And Jaykirti's candid photo got in here too in her beautiful turquoise coat from her shop.  The terra-cotta colored gate is to the inner city in Jaipur…the more buff colored one is to the City Palace.   The interior gateways are inside the palace.

DSCN8167 DSCN8175 DSCN8174 DSCN8186 DSCN8191 DSCN8192DSCN8202DSCN8208

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