Fire In The Hole. A new piece about Sou

One of the most moving thing in South Africa was seeing Nelson Mandela's cell on Robbin Island. A very small space barely larger than my arms can reach spread out. In all, he was kept in prisons for 26 years. I was so impressed by how righteously he could have emerged very angry and vengeful and chose not to. I think we can have terrible things happen in our lives that keep us feeling like we're in a box or we can make prisons for ourselves and burn in anger at how unfair things are. Everyone has enough bad times to struggle through if they live for a while. The bad thing about all that pent up anger that we're not able to do anything about is that it is very difficult to get free from (the crooked broken ladder) because a lot of out life has been centered around it and we carry it with us to the next stage of life. Mandela was remarkable in freeing himself and many others who were stuck in anger and fear for a very long time. Apartheid lasted fifty years




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