Home! Learned a lot about “guerilla” art idea

I've been gone a month on my south africa trip. I did "guerilla " art there improvising and working in a bare concrete alcove of a building. It was hands and knees work. I had thought about doing "guerilla" art on a junket around the world;this would allow me to reflect the impressions of these so varied and distant lands in art. What I found is that the impressions are there to be had but the "guerilla" part does not yield the best art I have to give. Working with paint requires lots of material such as drop cloths, buckets for water, brushes, wipe rags, and the paint itself. If working outside or in someone else's space, it has to be cleaned up and put away every day The surfaces have to be movable or left where they are to dry, usually meaning smaller. If there's no table then I'm on my hands and knees which works great for a short, very short while. And it's hard to reach all of the surface well and precisely. So I'm still working on this concept but I now believe it has to be done with less material intensive media or in a longer stay in a commercial/industrial space where the clean up factor is less. I'm inclined to think its the less material intensive route such as charcoal/graphite/colored pens/water color. Or collage. But each of these has it's own drawbacks for expression and use. So I'll just have to see.

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