“Old Man’s Last Flight”

I'm in south africa. And having travelled for two weeks in big cities and the bush, back and forth between them, I've come to cape town for one last week and only have a few days for making art but I've done one that is multi part so I can take it home. Here it is. Called "Old Man's Last Flight'". It's about a story I read in the South African newspaper about an 83 year old man who met on the internet a 56 year old woman who lived on a goat farm. He told his 76 year old wife he was going to meet her,bought a one way airline ticket, a Viagra prescription and flew off. The other woman said after he got there they had supper at a restaurant and she told him it wouldn't work. He was 83 but had told her he was 72. He hasn't been heard from since. His wife is worried because large sums of money are being withdrawn from his account.
There is something so true to me in this story about how we all want to reclaim our past glories in our current life. He bought a one way ticket out of this life. The picture shows him in a vice like structure. A silver haired last trap. And he tried to jump out of its grip. Yet he can't quite leap out because he carries his main issue with him on the road: he's 83


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