“The View From Here next to you in Africa “

I spent time in South Africa going from cities which are still mostly run like large cities all over the world: organized in square blocks with square buildings and straight streets/light poles/signs etc. a place of right angles. And then I would go to the bush where there are no fences (the cattle graze on the side of the road), round houses, chickens roaming everywhere. Much as rural tribal cultures all over the world. And I was so struck by the things that European/large scale civilizations take for granted in the geometry of their topography and way of thinking. Huge fields of sugar cane or grapevines. Square houses with square plots which are individually owned Straight paved roads. Large governmental buildings and museums. And in the bush I learned that the chiefdom structure is much more local-communal
So this piece has depicted these two different views side by side. In South Africa the land also holds mineral wealth as well as agrarian opportunities. For bush/tribal societies it means deep roots of trafitions, ancestors and rituals that distinguish their group from another close by So each side shows the different proportions of earth, plants, and sky.


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