Death In Venice (Murano)

On the way to the studio yesterday we saw how funerals work in a town with water roads. The boat comes up the canal to the church with the coffin on the open side of the boat;the family is in side the covered cabin. The boat stops and a hydraulic lift under the coffin lifts it up and turns it sideways and a "tray" in the top slides it off the boat into an accordion trolley with wheels. The priest prays over the coffin with the family and friends around and then they all wheel the coffin and go inside the church for the service. I guess they then all go to the cemeterio which is on an island nearby And the most moving thing was that they ring the bells in the bell tower as the coffin is moved up to the shore-beautiful announcement of someone leaving the community they probably lived in all their life. Many of the people here are white haired. But there are lots of young children too The rent here is surely cheaper than Venice It may be like my Long Island City neighborhood where young couples priced out of Manhattan have moved across the river to Long Island City and set up life a subway stop away from their work.





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