Inspiring Trip To Biennale, Spotlight On Andorra

I went to the Biennale again as our studio was closed on Sunday. And I wanted to see the artists I really liked and especially to get to the Chinese exhibits which are across a little bay at the Arsenale. And 6 hours of walking and looking my eyeballs out I came home very inspired.
I was surprised to find the winners of the Biennale ,for me, from a country I didn't know existed,Andorra, a country of 80,000 people in the Pyrenees One artist had a very moving depiction of obsolescence and lost times (the exhibit was called "Tempus Fugit" and another had pictures in X-ray of old photos with a person missing. Here are a few pictures but they really don't do the exhibit justice
I am going to have to find some way to blog about all the Chinese art. There's so much!!







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