“Lucky Sevens” Gets Going

Today was mostly prep for "Lucky Sevens". I had to cut 2x2 boards to make a backing for the plywood that it's being painted on. To keep it straight. So that means very detailed measuring, then painting them red and letting them dry, then putting screws in the corners to attach them to one another, and then using my nail gun to attach the plywood to the backing boards. Then I mixed one of the base colors. The flesh one that stays constant through them all to bind them together. It was a big mix of a little of everything-buff,copper,green,pink,red oxide,burnt sienna, white,yellow ochre- and then paint my arm to see if it worked. Then paint some of it on a red strip because it changes character with a different background. Skin is a lot browner than I usually think. So I finally got that done. Then I had to paint tiny dots in the center of each of the 49 spaces because the red outlines are so faint it's hard to stay oriented. Then started with the middle to put some of them in and see how they looked. I feel dread and excitement about this project,just like its counterpoint "169 Faces" The amount of concentration that it takes to begin something like this is huge. I don't really know how to paint smiling faces,so each one is fearful to do. But I'm determined and so it will just have to be done.
At last I got so frustrated that I went to the grocery store to get out. And what to my wondering eyes should be over the parapet of one of the buildings I walked past but A WHITE HORSE! (A statue, not a real one). Never saw him before and it is just an ordinary commercial building. But hopefully it is a sign. Of some kind.







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  1. I love the faces ones!

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