Day Of Walking And Waiting

Today was frustrating in many ways. I went to Pearl Paint on Canal to get clear gesso to put on my red background to protect it. And to get an embroidery hoop for "Hang Them". On the way I walked down Bowery Street which is being renovated into very upscale. It used to be Skid Row. I saw this marvelous add-on over a brownstone. Then I went by the park outside Gracie Mansion (the mayor's place of business) where they had an outdoor sculpture show. And across from it is the Woolworth Building which at one time was the world's tallest building,all forty stories of it. Lots of construction on much larger buildings now. I read a thing that said that part of the air in Manhattan is particles from fat due to all the restaurants because everyone eats out a lot. I surely did see a lot of restaurants everywhere. And a lot of tourist souvenirs/junk on canal and Chinatown. And lots of tall white tourists with their kids
Anyway when I got home and put the clear gesso on the red, it didn't work. It looked pasty and splotchy. So then I had to repaint over the top with my red mixture (barely have any left) to hopefully cover it. AND NOW I HAVE TO RE-MARK ALL THE LINES AGAIN!
Oh well tomorrow!








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