A Search For Color For “Lucky Sevens”

Having put two layers of primer on the board for "Lucky Sevens" I now had to find the right color for the backdrop of the portraits of wedding couples. I have been captivated by the wedding photos in the NY Times for years. The subtle and distinctive variation in two heads is fascinating to me. And now I'm going to paint 49 of them. Yike! This is a counterpart piece to one that I painted called "169 Faces" which was about snapshots of people at low points in their lives. Everyone's had low points;it's just not clear what will happen over time. And I learned to paint faces! So I've wanted to learn to paint smiling faces. And this is it. It will actually be 98 faces since they're 49 couples.
So I tried all different background colors. And the winner was…deep red. You can see from the picture that it highlight the faces rather than overpowering them. Just like black did for the others.
And then it was a hunt for the perfect red among a lot of reds. Finally I added some blue to the one that was closest. And so the board is now prepped with three coats of deep dark red. And has been measured and marked for the pictures and the names underneath each picture. And now it's on the easel needing one coat of clear gesso to protect its surface.





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