Assembling Pieces, Baking Focaccia, and Doing Ugh Work

Today was a mixed bag of things I had to do and things that I had been avoiding. Finally I could not walk past their undoneness anymore.
I taught myself via web instruction how to put drywall screws in, the ones with the little plastic jackets. A woman on YouTube taught me. You could see her camera on a tripod and two kids wandering around trying to get her attention, even shaking the tripod. But she stayed focused and got them to quiet down and taught me what I needed to know. So I worked in my office,an avoided area till now. I hung up bulletin boards, also hung up things in a closet. Now that I know how simple this is, I am even going to hang up some more pictures. Amazing how much power doing something you've feared you couldn't do gives you. I am trying Eleanor Roosevelt's "Do one thing you fear every day". Moving here has made that easy to do. Each day has new unconquered hills
So while I was doing bill paying,ugh, advertising my small studio for sublet,ugh, I did things that are interesting and require time to sit. So I made focaccia (basically yeast raised pizza dough with your fingerprints and herbs on it), and primed three newly cut plywood boards so I can begin on them tomorrow. Also I went dumpster diving at Dyke's lumberyard across the street. I had found these wooden skids with wide grooves routed down the middle;they throw them away as they're basically a part of a palette for materials. I can see a piece called "The Tie That Binds" from them. But I need a lot of them and guess what? They throw away a bunch each day. Today on my trip over Scott came out and asked what I was looking for and will keep them on the side and I'll go over at the end of the day and get them.
Hooray! Bills got paid;studio went online to be advertised; focaccia got made; boards got primed; drywall screws were mastered; and boards were gotten from the dumpster. Not a great art-making day, but a great day anyway




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