“Box Of Secrets” Is Finished! Hip-Hooray!

I worked for hours finishing "Box Of Secrets". This picket fence required precise spacing. 1/8 inch apart. And I had to cut down the big pickets from Popsicle sticks,making a pointed head and cutting 1/4 in h off the bottom to get the right height. I wanted them to look like prim and proper teeth - all canine-like. So after gluing and two coats of paint, I think they do The roof is 22" tall at the peak, the outside edge of the front picket side is 40". And the side is 34". Now my problem is what to do with it! I'm not set up for sculpture. So I'll have to move it somewhere. And I think the next piece "The Ties That Bind" is going to be sculptural too. I can see parts of it in my head. Maybe I'll make it tomorrow.
I need to do paperwork things like insurance and pay bills and deposit checks and now that I'm really flowing over with ideas, I so do not want to do it. But I will have to force myself to tomorrow.





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