Magnificent Art In A Sacred Space

Today I walked from one art thing to another. I started my day with breakfast (yum,nova and scallion cream cheese on a toasted onion bagel) at Barney Greengrass at 86 th and Amsterdam in the Upper West Side,where I lived many moons ago. Then walked to the Cathedral of St John the Divine, an enormous Episcopal church in the Gothic style. It is gorgeous inside; it has a Rosé window as big as Chartres (bigger than Notre Dame & St Patrick's downtown. And for good measure, a minor rose window under it. All the stained glass throughout is beautiful. And I went to see an exhibit of Jane Alexander's work. She is an artist I saw in South Africa. And her work is about apartheid/injustice and usually has half human/half animal figures arranged in tableaux. This was awe inspiring because the cathedral/curator had arrayed her work in the smaller chapels around the sides and back of the altar. It was so strange and jarring a juxtaposition of her animal people in their often harsh cruel looking arrangements in the middle of these altars and stained glass windows. I took a few pictures but the real thing was amazing. And very inspirational to someone like me whose work is almost always about injustices of some sort

Then I walked to the middle of Central Park to see if I could sit and wait for the free tickets that are handed out at noon for the Shakespeare plays done in a theatre in the park. I have great memories of sitting in line for tickets and seeing Meryl Streep, Sam Waterston etc and a fabulous James Earl Jones as King Lear. The line was very long and interviews with those in line said that I would need to get there about 10 to get tickets at noon. Everybody had a book/chair/mattress/food and was having a great time waiting. Just like we used to.
Then to the Met Museum for lunch and Italian Renaissance altarpieces…my favorite pieces in the museum The colors and composition are amazing to me
Then to the Whitney to meet Serga and her brother and sister in law to see an Edward Hopper show. It was very interesting because it showed all his preliminary sketches for many of his most famous paintings, complete with markings for which colors to use where. Just like Van Gogh's letters to his brother did.
Then I walked 65 blocks (that's about 3 miles) to the lower east side to meet someone. My head was full of things I want to try so I hardly noticed the distance and it was great exercise since I've been holed up reading lately
It is a great thing that it has cooled off some. It was in the 80's today instead of the nineties. So much more conducive for life.







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  1. What an interesting exhibit…would love to see jane A work… Seems unsettling. You had a day of contrasts… Missing you. Am in st l to settle mt sisters furniture in condo and see if need much more and what fr SF you know how hard that can be. Easy to make mistakes. Have bee working like a dog… House on market in sf… More later

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