The Yard Is Here For Secret Boxes

I got the cut OSB wood today and amazingly the dimensions I thought would work, do work. And the thick blacks lines of dye on the OSB worked by accident to be a front walk and a border for where the house sits. I love working with this board. OSB means Oriented Strand Board and instead of the veneers of plywood it is a bunch of particles that are smushed and look all chaotic criss crossed I painted over it with watered-down white acrylic for a whitewashed look. And then got white border boards painted. Then painted the floor of the inside Then screwed the house down. And nailed the side boards on. Only thing remaining is the front picket fence. Only the front will have one so it will look like teeth.

The reason for the neat white border when the house looks like it's sprouting gigantic black mold is to portray the placid exterior that lives over family secrets when everything needs to be neat tight and bleached white looking
So here it is







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