“Secret Boxes” Is Finished…Except For the Grass & Fences

The "Secret Boxes" has finally wended its way to being finished. Except it needs grass and picket fence. Today I worked steadily to get more panels ready for the sides and more gnarled things to come out of the roof and sides. Then I glued and clamped some of the side panels to the upper frame. Then came the time to use my beautiful new nail gun to nail all the pieces together. And I could not figure out how to make the air pressure increase. And none of the horrible instructions helped. Or the Internet. Porter Cable, the manufacturer, does have the terrible instruction manual on their site but no contact number for questions. There were some great videos made by women on how to use a nail gun and compressor,but it didn't answer the question. So I poked around and finally figured out the release valve works the opposite direction from what I thought and then it went along great. All the panels on the side and roof and most of the gnarled rubber/metal things are now nailed down. So all I need is to get the OSB wood that has been ordered for the platform for it to be attached to. And then to make the pickets. Whew! This has been a long process due to lack of energy, lack of skills needed, and the studio not being set up exactly right. But it's all coming into place now. I'm thinking of renaming this piece "Family Secrets" or "Box of Secrets". But will have to see. I read about some other people being held in a home. They're alive and not related to their captor but the house looks normal on the outside.









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