At Last… Progress on “Secret Boxes”

Today the heat abated. It's now below 90 degrees. And I had a lot more energy. Had some great beginning ideas for painting lots of smiling faces. We'll see if it develops.
But I did make some progress on "Secret Boxes". I had to change the name because the house is a big box, I realized. And I made some carpentry decisions to get the roof to have another support for the other roof pieces to lean on. And I woke up thinking that it needs a very neat picket fence around it. And it needs to look neat ....and a little sinister and forbidding. So I worked on doing it with dowels. But after spending an hour cutting and shaping them I realized it needs to be like the flat pickets. Not round stakes even though they would look sinister. So I went into Manhattan to have lunch with my daughter (yum, onion bagel with Scottish salmon and scallion cream cheese-only NYC has the greatest bagels) and then to Pearl Paint on Canal Street. And I found them already cut into little pickets just the right size. I also had to buy Popsicle sticks to cut the big pickets from. I went into every floor that Pearl has,all five,and scoped out all the paint supplies. So here is what's happened,including some new boards that are needed to complete the house







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