Back in the….Back in the USA!!

They say there's no place like home and that's true...but there's also no place like the places that become temporary homes.  The transit back from India made me miss it more in some ways and in some ways be so glad to be back on familiar ground.  First,yes indeed my suitcases got onto the plane..one in side 23 kilos for free and one at 31.9 kilos just under the maximum of 32 allowed!  I was so glad to pay that overage charge and let those much worried about bags go.

And then I found the glories of the Transit Hotel that the Delhi airport has...a sleep while you wait (minimum stay 5 hours) and spa....So I went into this fully modernized massage place and had a 60 minute massage at 1 am!  yes!! I really needed it after all that sitting.  And then a 14 hour flight...full of 1 sleeping pill for 8 hrs, two movies and a book for the rest.  And then the welcoming Fluttering Curtains art on the walls of the JFK airport and into the city at 8am to my best friend's house on Washington Square in Greenwich Village.  Then walking walking walking around the city after having BAGELS and CREAM CHEESE and NYC COFFEE for breakfast with my daughter.  I was trying to keep myself up after I left her and so I walked uptown and saw some old favorites>>>Grand Central Stateion, Rockefeller Center with Easter Egg decorations, Saks Fifth Avenue, the NYC Public LIbrary with the lions, the Flatiron Building, The Empire State Building, and fell in love again with NYC my adopted hometown.  A place where the heart soars as the feet move.  Come along with me from very beautiful agrarian fields to  very beautiful big city within 24 hours.  And right in the middle of my stroll just to prove that it's all connected and on the same globe,there was the Royal Sari House with block printed clothes...but not as beautiful as the ones I just left.

For those of you who have stayed with me and read all these many many words about my adventure in India, I thank you for staying tuned, for your comments and encouragement on this, one of the greatest journeys of my life.

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  1. Dear Sarah ,
    Grt to hear you are back in NY -after the greatest trips of your life !
    It has been wonderful having you with us .
    It was Jai’s Bday yesterday ,so we had another one of our family dinners in delhi and we sure remembered you !!
    Keep us posted ,take care ……Good luck .
    Love n rgds

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