On the Road Again…Off to Delhi Airport

The car came at 2 and we travelled through the wheat harvesting that is ongoing in India now.  The process of harvest requires many hands and probably travels at the pace that it has been learned to travel at over many years.  The wheat is tall and yellow now; the women are in the fields cutting the bunches of wheat which they stack up for the thresher to come.  The thresher comes and (hooray for automated process) shoots the wheat out one side and the stalks out the other.  Then the wheat and the straw go somewhere for storage mostly in individual homes here.  The villages don't look much different than the ones I saw in China many years ago and probably not that different from any agrarian society where the small homes and villages full of cows and goats and people are next to huge fields of ripening grain.  And from the paintings of Millet,Van Gogh and Monet with the field workers and haystacks.

We didn't make good time because the super highway that is being constructed is still underway and so in almost every small town, where the superhighway is being built right up main street, the detour around the construction is slow and full of pedestrians and potholes.  I wonder how these towns will adapt when their main street is full of rapidly rushing by cars.  In the US they built the highways on the outside of most small towns not right down the middle.  The other thing that is omnipresent aside from grain, the superhighway being built, is trucks, trucks, trucks.  all along the side of the road...in huge lines full of all these different cargos.   It is so interesting to whiz by these towns with so many questions unanswered.  Like, why is it that the women in their full sarees are out in the field and a lot of men seem to be clustered together in groups playing cards or talking intently in the roadside refreshment stands?  This reminded me of Cairo where the same thing seemed to be true...lots and lots of men sitting in coffee shops talking and smoking shisha.  Someone said to me when I had mentioned this before "In India, men do nothing, the women work"  I can't say that holds true for me....I saw almost everyone and every wheel and every animal working very hard.  .  Also as we got to Delhi these enormous apartment towers were everywhere.  Like LeFrak city was here in the Bronx.  It was staggering and I wondered do they have all the workers here to fill these up already or is this for future growth.  And it was right next to these same fields that the village workers were harvesting in.  In the US the population moved from being 90% agrarian in 1900 to 10% agrarian in 2000 as workers moved to cities where they could find better paying jobs.  I wondered how long will it take India to move this way, if it does.

All of these questions flying around in my head as we fly by (sometimes) on the road to Delhi.

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