Last Piece Made and Last Day In India….Sorry to be Leaving!

DSCN5312 Devena 2 The last few days have seemed a jumble as I have tried to figure out how I'm going to get all this into the suitcase.  In fact, it didn't fit!!  Too many blocks, too many pieces, and too many presents for friends.  So Jaykirti organized a rescue box and we packed blocks and pieces into it.  Now there is a need for another one. So bye bye money straight to FedEx but I am so glad to be able to get these things home.  I have two huge 50 lb suitcases to go with me to Delhi today.  And let me say that clothes are not a very big piece of it...most of my clothes are worn out and are being left behind.

So I had a very nice meal in a restaurant with Jaykirti...it is restaurant that is over the block printing workshop and I have been wanting to see what restaurant food is like!! And last night Devena had my favorite dish, okra!!!

Yesterday I had my last fun in the workshop.  They were madly printing things for friends that hadn't gotten done before and finishing off hems etc.  And I hadn't helped because I forgot about some things that I wanted to take...like a scarf for my mother in law!  And then I got to work with Gopalji, one of the master printers, on my final piece. A huge tablecloth for my round table at home.  I had dreamed of having it made of hands running all over it.  The hand blocks had not been shipped and so I went to work.  Jaykirti picked the border of leaves and so here we are making it.  Another thing to be shipped!! I will so miss this workshop of creativity and the great freedom that I have been given to create things that seemed strange compared to the other things being made there, but which created great synthesis as some of my forms flowed over into their work and some of their forms flowed over into mine. And the great generosity of the workmen there who fixed the paint boxes that I didn't know I was leaving messed up till the end, who washed and reshelved the blocks, who pinned things for me, who consulted with me on how to print things right.  And to Jaykirti for the great generosity of letting me have free rein of her blocks and her dyes and for our collaboration which taught me a great deal and brought me great joy.  It is a heart sunk memory and I feel very blessed by life to have had it.

Today is final packing.  My plane is taking off later than scheduled originally  So I leave the ArtInn at 1pm for a five hour trip to catch a plane in Delhi at 1:45am (that means five hours of sitting in a car and then 8 hours of sitting in a airport before a 14 hour flight to nyc.!! Enough sitting to let my legs atrophy!!

And I will be leaving the ArtInn where Devena arranged for me to see many of the artisans of India that I was interested in, introduced me to Jaykirti's workshop, and let me be part of her family and see India as few tourists do.  Another very hard goodbye.  And also I will miss the taste the mangos fresh from the ArtInn tree as they are only pea sized!!

And now on to NYC and the next phase of my ever surprising, ever consistently inconsistent journey through life.  Last printing in Jaykirti's block shop 81DSCN5617 DSCN5634



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  1. This parting makes ME cry and I’m not even the one who’s been there!

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