Holi Water Party…..Or Why I Have Purple Hair, Pink Face and Yellow Feet

We went to Devena's cousin's for Holi day two festivities.  We knew to wear our clothes that could get color on them.  Because Holi is about throwing bright pigments on your friends and family. So what we didn't know was that this family believes in using their fountain as a dunking place and source of water to throw on everyone.  So we all went into the water fight and everyone ended up thoroughly colored and thoroughly wet.  And all about ten years old.  It was great....join us!  Let's import this festival to the US

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  1. OMG…what fun…I hope it was warm and not permanent color…but if it was might be even more fun….great pictures from you as always. I want to go with you next time you go..

    • well, I am a little less pink today….but my hair is definitely pink still and my hands look like baby pink hands. and OMG yes it was such great fun. and unexpected that we would be dunking each other with water. what a send off from this colorful friendly and fun country.

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