American Cinderella…Off to the Palace for Holi Celebration!!

It is Holi here for two days.  Holi is a Hindu spring festival which requires the wearing of red and white....and on the second day requires that you dump pigment on your friends and family and be generally silly.  However, on the first night we were beyond dignified and went in our red and white dress up to the City Palace to a party given by the Princess of Jaipur who had graciously invited us artists to attend.  It was a wonderful night with the almost full moon and with dancing and music and great food.  Many of the people there knew each other/ or were related.  It was fun to get to meet so many people and see this gathering.  The food was great too.  I had a red top with silver edging and a red and white scarf thanks to Jaykirti and I added white leggings.On the way home we saw some of the bonfires that accompany Holi.  Here are some of the festivities. Put on your red and white. Enjoy!!

DSCN5383 DSCN5388 Holi Party at the City Palace 17 Holi Party at the City Palace 8 Holi Party at the City Palace 11 Holi Party at the City Palace 23

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