Hither and Thither…Paper Making, Block Making, and Sugar Cane Juice Machine!!

Today we did a lot of hopping around with everyone wanting different things at different places. We went to the paper making factory in Sanganer near the block maker. This is the same one that I saw in the beginning of my stay. And then to the block maker who is going to make the blocks for the other artists and I will pick them up when I go tomorrow. While we were there, the sugar cane machine came by. This is a green cart which uses the motor to crush the sugar cane that is strapped to it and turn it into sugar cane juice. (It also then can attach the motor from the crusher to the wheels and drive along.) Also Devena and I went to the framing shop to get the work framed so it can be hung on Saturday. And then I went back to Jaykirti's shop to try to work, but didn't. I got Gopal to give me a lesson on the layers of cloth and how much paint you need for each type of impression for each amount of detail. DSCN5231


Block Maker's shop 3

Block Maker's shop 5

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