Visit to Bagru Indigo and Resist Printing

Bagru is a town on the outskirts of Jaipur that is renowned for its indigo dyeing and its resist printing.  We all got in the cab and went there the other day.  The printer we went to is a father and son family affair. There we saw the three deep indigo dyeing wells where they put the fabric in and dye it, they then lay it out on the ground in the sun to dry (where it changes color from green to deep blue), the block printing shop where they do resist printing...(they print a design with a block dipped in  a compound that is made of gum arabic and some other elements that stick to the fabric and resist taking the dye when the fabric is dyed...then it has to be washed off and behold the design underneath is the color of the fabric before it was dyed.  They do very large quantities of fabric and also very small ones depending on who is ordering them. Here are pictures of their blocks and block printing place. Then we went to their shop and  looked at the results.  Then down the street, past the piggies in the street, to stop at a block maker where we counted the rings on one of their cross sectioned tree part for a block had over 100 rings


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