Fashion Fusion/Sermarr Fabric Being Printed

Jaykirti is making some  clothes out of the fabric you see here.  The fabric is made of two palm prints that I got made by the block maker and have used in art pieces. (talk about the hand of the artist in the work!!)   Jaykirti really likes them and so is having fabric made so clothes can be made out of them for the Delhi Exhibition she's going to next week.  Hooooraaay for Fashion Fusion.  Can't wait to see what gets made from them.

.Fashion Fusion 5 Fashion Fusion 4

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  1. I love this fabric…..it is splendid. The embroidery is sensational also…and the tie and dye. YOu write so wonderfully about your experiences. I feel as if I was almost there with you. The time is flying by.

    Would you purchase a tie dye piece and an embroidery piece for me if you can do that for no more than $100. I want everything but those two artistians really pulled me in.

    • I’m assuming that you want purple??? and I will send some examples of the different kind of tie dye…it is many and varied…the embroidery will likely be too expensive, but I will see…It is so hard to think of not being here surrounded with color….I looked at Neiman Marcus catalogue to see about Jaykirti’s pillows. and wham was I struck with how black and beige every thing is in the states.

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