Most Difficult Embroidery Lesson Begun

This is RJ....I don't know the Indian spelling but  that's the way it sounds.  He is the embroiderer extraordinaire at Jaykirti's; here he is at his embroidery table.  He is now teaching me how to do one of most difficult stitches since I've done gold flowers.  It is the same thing that a sewing machine does.....you push a small metal pole with a very small hook at the end...kind of like a crochet hook but the words VERY SMALL really apply.  The hook goes down into the cloth where you have waiting a thread that you wrap around the hook till it catches the thread; then you pull the hook up turning it at the top and it is captured in the last loop that you pulled up.  There is no way to describe what subtle shifts in thread tension, angle of the metal pole, turn of the hook as it comes up through the material.. Every one there says how difficult it is and why do I want to learn it....I guess the stubborn part of me wants to learn it because they keep saying how difficult it is and I want to see if I can do it.  I also think that this stitch will be wonderful on some of my pieces.  When you are good at this, like RJ, you use beautiful embroidery thread, not this white stuff and build densely packed flowers and things.  So here is my beginner example.  Somehow the pictures do not capture how this works...but I did get  better and then worse and then better as most people do with very new things

.DSCN3741 DSCN3757 DSCN3758 DSCN3759

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