Hand Painted Silk Pillows by Jaykirti…New LIne

So the new idea that Jaykirti is following is having silk pillow covers handpainted and then have the pillow backs made to match them...These hand painted birds are spectacular!!!! Most are extinct...and gorgeous....See what you think...and Jaykirti has asked what these might cost in the US....so please give us some help.Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 1 Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 5 Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 3 Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 4 Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 2 Jaykirti's Bird Pillows 7

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  1. These are spectacular as you have said. I am sure they are even more vivid in person. I have no idea what these would cost in the United States. I will let someone who knows this side of merchandising answer but they should be handled by a very high end company. What do you think they would sell for there?

    Maybe the Audubon Society would carry them or the Met in NYC, or Neiman Marcus Xmas catalog.

    • The Neiman Marcus catalog was an inspired idea…and it had a lot of pillows and they sell/send here in India, so it was great comparison for things that are expensive but much more run of the mill….and…they’re washable!!

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