Tie and Dye Lesson!! Only 60 thread revolutions per lentil!!

And in the afternoons, after my embroidery stint, the dyer who makes those wonderful multi-hued saree materials you just saw, comes to teach me tie and dye.  We started with a pile of small pulses, about the size of lentils.  We then put them in cloth and wrap 60 revolutions of thread around the throat of the cloth that they are encased in...and the young man says, "more" or "tighter" or "ok"; and so more revolutions almost like tying flies for trout fishing except you're tying them with your fingers not a vise and forceps.  And after about three of these, your fingers begin to be abraded and after 20 of them they feel blistered.  And then more and more.  So here are the pulses (on commenting on how small they are, I was told that they also use mustard seeds), the tied up pulses and then us dying them pink.  Then opened up so we can see the blue material that the more and tighter threads protected from the pink dye leaving those blue squares.

Jaykirti tie and dye lessons 10DSCN3663DSCN3664 DSCN3670 DSCN3703

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