Embroidery Lessons…I need a new pair of eyes!!







So I am now an embroiderer-in-training.  The embroiderer specialist at Jaykirti's is training me to make gorgeous golden flowers with gorgeous golden threads.  The thread alone is a revelation.  There are two golden threads that are springy and look like golden chains that you would wear...but they are indeed hollow inside.  That way you can cut them up and use them to make these beautiful designs.  The needle that I use has an eye that is so small that you have to cut the thread on a diagonal to get it to fit through the eye.  And in fluorescent lighting with older eyes getting it to fit into the eye is a low payout crap shoot.  Each time I almooooossst get it in there and then it falls out...So I'm getting better at guessing, but it is still a less than precise thing.  And frustrating...yes!  So here are some of my creations...and you can see the size of the golden threads.  This is about two days worth of work...counting the time over the weekend when I worked on it.  And for comparison is the work at the end which is the work of my teacher, a young man with very good eyes and a sense of humor.

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