“More!” has been embedded

I have been working on More! for over a year. The pieces were chosen, the routing had been done to embed the objects, and recently the paint had been applied. And today it came together. It is strange to see it from the side. And there are some other pieces that are supposed to go on it but it is breathing now and we're looking at each other across the room. This is about how we all want more no matter where we are in the hierarchy. Those that are hungry want food;those that are rich want more wealth/houses/boats/jewelry. And it seems that all that red hot burning intensity is centered just around us. The outside seems grey and may have nothing to offer but we reach out to get it. His ear is huge to hear of anything else he could want; his hands reach out, one with great charm and ease and the other clawed and overreaching. And his legs are constantly on the move pumping forward. And his heart adds always to see if he's falling behind. Eerie, isn't he?


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