City Palace Splendor

Today, after scavenging in the neighborhood and finding wonderful "treasures", Katie and I went downtown to see the City Palace.  I've been here one month and not been to the most treasured tourist site.  It is gorgeous and very large as a Maharajah's house should be.  The Maharajah still has private quarters in part of the palace so we just get to see the part that has been opened to the public. First there is a textile museum which shows the beautiful hand work that has gone on here to make these most eye popping embroidered outfits for the royal court.  There is a carriage house and an outside reception house with huge silver urns that the Maharajah of the time used to carry water from the Ganges on a visit to England so he could have the water to bathe in.  The urns are as tall as I am and weigh so much I forgot the number.  They had to melt down some thousands of silver coins.  And then into the reception hall.  Where I got into an altercation with one of the guards.  I was taking pictures when I wasn't supposed to.  The signs were medium sized and I somehow missed registering them.  When he came over to fine me the 500 rupees (about $10) per picture that I had taken, I started erasing them and he started taking me around to show me all the signs that said no photos since I said I hadn't seen them.  By this time I'd erased the 4 pictures I'd taken and I said I wouldn't pay the fine.  He said there were cameras all around and his boss would know that I had taken them and he hadn't fined me.  I said I will show the camera me erasing them all and I wasn't going to pay the fine.  He then backed down and we left.  The best courtyard is the one with the four gates, one for each season. A peacock one, a lotus one, a rose one, and another one which I don't remember what it is.  Here they areDSCN2176 DSCN2180 DSCN2181 City Palace 13 DSCN2191 City Palace 20 City Palace 10DSCN2188 City Palace 15

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