Street Scenes from Jaipur

Here are some assorted street scenes from Jaipur.  First, a balcony that is being jack hammered as the building is being remodeled revealed that the previous one (and probably the next one) will be built with this special clay pots in the middle of a concrete sandwich.  They apparent form a vacuum when sealed and are very strong and light with pressure from above not bothering them.  ??Who knew?? I've seen them on the side of the street a lot and wondered what they were for, never suspecting that they were construction material.

Second, our nearby ironing stand.  These are scattered about and the people heat their irons by putting hot coals in them.  Then they iron on these large rock slabs.  And then they are wrapped up and put on the woman's head (although men do ironing too) and brought to your house.  Wow!


Third,  and those of you who know me well have been expecting this, a typical, if there is such a thing here, lamp/power pole with wires sticking out willy nilly.

Fourth, a bunch of pasta in bags on the sidewalk being sold.

Fifth, a door we passed on the sidewalk today.

These are not especially special but are things that I walk past and think are interesting.DSCN2083 DSCN2160 DSCN2165 Jaipur Street scenes 1 DSCN2171

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