Fractured…Organic Forms added

Today I went to the studio and worked all day on Fractured.  This piece is a pivotal piece for me here.  It is on wheat colored silk and so colors really fade into it.  The geometric shapes in the back were originally bright turquoise and bright lavendar.  But they have faded into shadows.  This is a good effect to use. However, the colors that will show up are very limited- Black/white/red/gold/silver....not necessarily the most subtle colors and not ones that will necessarily work on what I'm trying for here in Fractured.  So the organic forms are red on one side and orange on the other.  Overprinted many times.  But I've learned that I need to use the fading color and then put an outline in chocolate or something...I like where this is going but it's not there yet!DSCN2137

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