“Beautiful Back” Resplendent In Stitches

Posted by Sermarr

Today saw many additions to "Beautiful Back". I am trying to combine the armature/architecture of its strength and the beauty of the shapes and counterpoints. And,of course, the light and how it falls on the body.




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“Beautiful Back” Gets A SterlingSilver Spine

Posted by Sermarr

I've been working on my soapstone-colored torso. Having "beautiful" to live up to,I've made some decisions to put lovely Navajo silver beads down the backbone for a spine...and strung them on Indian copper thread from Jaipur with knots between each bead. And put silver highlighting for the lovely hips and buttocks. And who knows what else may appear next.

(I'm aware that the pictures have started coming out very large and am having someone look at it to fix it. If you click on the portion of a photo you see,it will open in a larger screen and the whole picture can be seen)



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New “Beautiful Back” Emerges From New Material

Posted by Sermarr

I'm now experimenting with a new material....foam. Very dense foam that can be sculpted, sewn, and will hold weight of fabrics/objects. I found it in the "end all" store of foam/rubber Canal Rubber Company. It's one of the wonderful things of being in NYC....access to all these fabulous stores where choice is a normal state. So I'm trying this gray foam;it's the color of soapstone and stitches and objects look great on it. I also am trying putting letters on it. Paint looks too abraded I think. So here is "Beautiful Back" just in the beginning




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“Back” Advances

Posted by Sermarr

Today was a slow moving day. I worked on a new piece but it's still in pieces on the floor. I worked on arraying these shadings on "Back". They are beginning to work right. In these two pictures you can see the subtle rearrangement of the white highlights Then will come the task of getting it assembled. Here



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“Back” Gets The Beginning Shadings

Posted by Sermarr

Finally,finally back to work on "Back". I am working on adding shading by layering strips of silk and cord. I have no idea how I'm going to hold all this together but it seems to be what The Piece is calling out for. So...



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