More Work on “Back”

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Trying different colors/textures of cords to see which works best. I think the dark red may be the best. Although I really like the glistening stereo copper/silver wires





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“Back” Gets All Stitched up

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Today was lots of stitching to get the foam pieces all secure. Tomorrow the skin! which I haven't figured out how to secure to the piece so it won't droop when hung. More challenges




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New Piece: “Back”

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Today for some unknown reason I had the focus to do things I haven't been able to do recently. I cleaned up a bunch of things in the studio, lifted weights, and made the beginning of a new piece. Not an Artpiece made on clothes,but a really challenging piece about human beauty. Just like Ingres I find the human back/torso to be an amazing sculpture of beauty and engineering. All the muscles for bending/twisting/lifting on display under a silken living breathing shell,the skin. So here I go to try to capture this combination. As you can see the end result,composed of strips of different shadows/valleys silk is going to be difficult to figure out how to build this form. Today I worked on arraying the foam forms so that they simulate the curves and tension of a back where the person is raising up on their elbow. I used expanding foam which hardens and can be cut with a bread knife and then made into the shape I needed. Then I stitched them onto the background raw silk fabric. Whew!





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Sermarr Artsweatshirt :Evolution

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Today I got inspired by a quote by Buckminster Fuller who said he was a verb, not a noun. He was evolutionary progress. So this sweatshirt is about how we act on ourselves, evolving as we go through life. The symbols are gears and wheels and a latticework of DNA. And the large wheel is the Labyrinth from Chartres Cathedral, a symbol of learning and evolving to a higher realm




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Another Sermarr Artshirt: Wisteria

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I used to have a huge tree in my backyard that was covered with wisteria vines. I loved it. It meant summer to me. And we would swing on the vines they were so long and strong
So having a pink shirt that demanded purple, I thought of the wisteria arbor I saw this weekend at one of the grand old houses along the Hudson. So here is the beginning of Wisteria


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Sermarr Artpants. Or My Studio Pants

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I decided to use my work pants as a blotter for some of the images. Here's what has happened so far


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Sermarr Artshirts: Flora Shirt

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Today I managed to make progress on a number of fronts. Cleaned up and reorganized. Really needed. And more is needed too
Anyway, worked on the messed up beehive shirt where the paint did not adhere properly. I think it's because there's sticky goo left on the shirt from Old Navy tags. But I've done some overlay to make the faint impression seem purposeful (?). So here are some pictures these take a whole to do because they have to dry in between.




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Sermarr Artjeans: Music: The Sweetest Sound

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Today I finished making an Artjeans piece. This one is about music and how soothing and centering it is. Through ups and downs it keeps us moving along; ergo, all those people plugged into their private channels everyday The left leg circle is the labyrinth at The Cathedral in Chartres, a representation of our individual and collective travails on this planet trying to find a way through the troubled maze to the center of peace,harmony and salvation. These are trying times and we surely need an individual and collective way to pierce this difficult time we"re in, where the ways out seem hidden. Here's to perseverance, optimism, hard work and music





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Sermarr Artshirt: “Comes Love”

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The challenge of making this shirt was how to best use pink stripes. Pink is a very happy color and makes me think of astral light,fun and love. So the song "Comes Love,Nothing Can Be Done" came to mind. And a lot of head scratching/measuring/taping off,here is the "Comes Love" Artshirt which I can't wait to wear. Or give away. If you can,get a recording of The Great Ella Fitzgerald singing this. It will rock your socks, if you've ever been overwhelmed by love





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Sermarr Arttees For Tots

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Today I caught up on making a birthday t-shirt for my niece. Elizabeth Barrett Browning seemed appropriate. And a lot of counting. And strings of eights for the neck and sleeves. And sixes and nines for the hem. See what you think





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