Detailed Work On “Shoulder”

Posted by Sermarr

Well,spring has sprung here and I am enjoying flowering trees and daffodils everywhere
I am getting ready for the Long Island City Open Studios on May 17&18. Taking out older work and deciding what to put out. Also t-shirts and some clothes I made in India.
But today I finally managed to do some of the detailed work I've been putting off on "Shoulder". The threads that explode out of the shoulder into the purple silk had to be painstakingly sewed down so it doesn't show. So I used a tiny needle and beautiful yellow silk from The Thread Store
In India and stitched it down along tiny holes with an awl
And then I wanted to use some of the hollow metal thread to accent the shadowed lower part of the arm below the elbow and that took a tinier needle because the head of the needle wouldn't go through the thread. But I cut each segment to fit and it worked. The square green thing about the top metal stitch is an uncut emerald from India. So at long last some movement Hooray for India!!





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“Shoulder” Is Now Progressing

Posted by Sermarr

I guess enough time has passed for my right brain to figure out how it wants this to go,as I began to work on it again.
So here are some lovely yellow energy projections onto the purple silk. And a luminous backbone has been added


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“Warriorus” Gets A Red Face And A New Kilt

Posted by Sermarr

I could see that "Warriorus" was embarrassed at scratching my new perfect glasses. So I helped him blush. Deep red cadmium oil paint blush. And a beautiful purple carmine. Oil because it is so lush. Unfortunately it takes a while to dry.
I also fixed his military kilt a la Roman soldiers and he's now duded up for war.



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“Warriorus” Attacks Me!

Posted by Sermarr

"Warriorus" now has all his medals/booty in place. He also got his spear affixed; his plumes implanted; his tunic and stole fixed; his eggeyes glued down. And a faceplate begun. I think he is going to have a red face too. And the rest of the face plate on top above his eyes.
But "Warriorus" has gotten me good. In turning him back and forth to insure his medals were hanging straight, his "arm" whipped across my brand new beautiful red glasses and put a big scratch diagonally right across the field of vision. Good aim,Warriorus! I hate to have to pay the amount to get these new glasses fixed,as they were just fixed a few weeks ago, but I am trying to console myself,better the glasses than my eye!





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“Warriorus” Nears End …. As Do My Calloused Fingertips

Posted by Sermarr

This icon has been hard to finish because the metal working has been intensive and my fingertips are very slowly and painfully becoming as calloused as the most practiced guitar player!
But today "Warriorus" decided he was about ready to be finished. So he now has 96 coins as armor, a bullet casing belt, trophy helmet of steel-belted radial strands, and a royal sash/belt of royal purple and gold. He also has a "net" to catch opponents
I have to stop now and relook at him tomorrow but I think he's very close to complete







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Movie-making On Way To Studio

Posted by Sermarr

Long Island City must have some look that movie/tv location people like because I walk past crew/equipment/trailers lots of days. Here's a set-up at LIC Bar on Vernon Blvd that I walk up every day to the studio





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Drill,Drill….I’ve Had My Fill

Posted by Sermarr

Ok, ok, all right already. I've had my fill of drilling these blasted coins. And making wire circular hangers to go in the holes so they will hang evenly
So have my drill bits. I've broken four now. Here are some lovely pictures of this process. First step, put dot of oil on top of coin;second step,dip point of drill bit into oil (the oil is to lessen the friction and make the drilling easier) Step Three, hold the coin with a wire plier on a board to keep it still; Step Four,hold the drill straight over it and drill a hole in the top of the coin as near to the top as u can ;Step Five, put coin into water ; Step Six, wash coin in hot soapy water to get oil off ;Step Seven cut a length of thick copper or brass wire; Step Eight, bend wire with needle nosed pliers to be a circle that you can insert and shape in coin. Step Nine, insert thick wire into the number of coins that you want for each "row". Step Ten, put something cold on your fingers because they hurt now from holding and bending the wire. If this sounds like work for a certifiable OCD person,it's because it is. And I'm now certifiable, although maybe not as an OCD, just a stubborn artist!>






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