Drilling Coins For Warriorus” Is Tedious

Posted by Sermarr

So far today I've broken two drill bits and drilled a bunch of coins. The coins are going to be the "armor" of "Warriorus". We'll see how long this takes.



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Cake Takes Shape!

Posted by Sermarr

Today I made progress on a lot of things. One was to bake some banana/raspberry/chocolate chip cakes in brioche tins. Really fun. And made the studio smell great!


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“Warriorus” Takes Form. Also Need Coins!

Posted by Sermarr

After sitting for about six months the last icon, "Warriorus" seemed to become resolved to be finished. This is in spite of the fact that a lot of wood work and metal attachment figuring out is required. So I used the router to hollow out places for the shaft of the African spear and metal parts to be attached. Also eye sockets for the egg eyes (thank you,Kathleen, for your egg collection). And now the head part and the armor is almost on. Tomorrow I will probably finish it. Hooraaay. I am in need of coins, coins that are useless because the euro took over or foreign coins that you don't want. I am going to make him metal armor out of coins. Anybody got some they don't want? If so, please call and send them on. Otherwise I'll move to pennies. )




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“Warriorus” Icon Moves Ahead

Posted by Sermarr

I started this icon long ago. He is a fighting hero. Go to any movie theatre or history book and u can see him. Couldn't figure out how to hang these heavy iron things on the board but today,after they've been sitting there since before India or two months, something told me how to attach them. Not done yet,but on the way





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“Shoulder” Progresses

Posted by Sermarr

Today some stitching happened on "Shoulder". Lots of different India threads. Mostly religious red and gold ones. And a possible idea for a finish with threads of color exploding off the shoulder. Will see tomorrow





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Music Video Shot In Studio

Posted by Sermarr

So the guys who work behind the food counters at my local mock-Whole Foods, Food Cellar, are all videographers/movie/photographers who work during the day and make art at night. So they came to shoot a video on Sunday. Here they are in the "sets"they constructed from some of my furniture in my vacant-needs-to-be-rented studio part. My art was featured in the shots. Also they will come back tomorrow and of a video interview of me, the artist, so I'll have a video to post on my website. Everyone was very professional and it was finished. No final edit to show u as more days of night work have to pass. Hooray for the passion of art!






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Pictures Of Pictures Are Taken! Hooray!

Posted by Sermarr

Today the wonderful photographer and friend, Kitty Leaken, and her husband Dan came to my studio to take pictures of the things made since 12/12. This is when Kitty last took photos of my work and so it's two trips to India and all the work in the last year since I moved to NYC in June. Because my arm was hurt in Fall 2013, I've been working small on two primary series. One of "Icons" which seem to be in all cultures across time. The second is "Heart Strings"and includes glass pieces with string wrappings depicting many conditions of the heart. So here are a few pictures of the work on the work. Kitty photographed and Dan helped get ready 48 pieces. Whew!





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“Shoulder” Gets Some Gorgeous Color

Posted by Sermarr

Today ,again,I had to overload my left brain's huge to-do list with loud music. Thank god for Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac/Rolling Stones at high volume! So here's what my right brain did off the leash of "have to/ought to/must do/should do"
It decided to sew beautiful voluptuous Dupioni silk to the blank space. And so this luscious red/blue combination is now sewed onto the paper. This was not an easy task-cutting it to match precisely ,ironing it flat, sewing the curves down so they're curves. But.... Persistence paid off. Here it is. Now there's another whole thing of sewing it to a center board. Later,later




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“Shoulder” Progresses. At Long Last

Posted by Sermarr

If you were here,your eardrums would be blasted out by the Rolling Stones. I finally broke the creative logjam by just blocking out my left brained to-do list compulsion with very loud rock music. Thank you,Mick

So here are some detailed shots of "Shoulder". With bells and pearls and amethysts and an emerald and threads from India. Enjoy!





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Beginning Work On “Shoulder”

Posted by Sermarr

Although I have some weighty unfinished pieces in process all over the studio, I have found the zeal to work on a new piece. And on paper (for the first time in years) and with lots of paint. Here is the beginning





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