Thank You, All Readers, And Happy New Year

Posted by Sermarr

This has been an extremely dislocating year for me. And pivotal in making progress in finding a path toward new art. I learned about art making in India for three months, Venice for two weeks. And much art looking in NYC , Venice,Berlin,San Francisco, and Santa Fe. And I moved twice. Once from Santa Fe to a new studio in Long Island City. And then in November moved my living space from my studio space to an apartment six blocks south of my studio Getting rid of possessions seems second nature now. And I still have more to go. And then about six weeks ago (or is it years ago) I hurt my right arm by picking up something too heavy. And began doing smaller things to compensate. All the icons and glass "Heart Strings" series have been smaller. And they've been wonderful to make
In art making I learned block printing. And I learned in my print making workshop in Venice how much in love I am with objects and texture. Pivotal learning. And I've been making "sculpture" for walls and pedestals since I came home. Those of you who've seen my earlier work,you have already gotten this. One look at "Keeping The Wolf From The Door" tells it. And now I'm back working in that direction. But with the addition of lots of stitching. And I am excited to close out this year with my arm almost back in operating condition as of two days ago
Thank you all for tuning in and especially for your comments. They're very helpful and helps me realize I have companions in this ordinarily pretty solitary studio work. I'm including pictures of my studio as it is now.
Happy New Year to you all







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“Chief” Emerges

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I worked on "Chief" today and he is beginning to get some definition. Elaborate braid work. Needs some medals/metal too. Maybe tomorrow. Can't believe that tomorrow is the beginning of a new year. Wow. And only 13 days till I fly to India




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Iconic Figure Formation

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Today is the first day in it seems like forever that I have actually worked in the studio Lots of family/friends/hurt arm for the holidays. But today seemed to line up right. And I finished "Christopher Conquista" (new name for Christopher Colonicus) and "Surviva". "Chief" isn't finished but I made a lot of progress on him. I'll post a second post with a picture of him. I've decide,for the moment, to take the four off of one backdrop and keep them separate. Let me know if you agree








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True Brothers in Low-Riding Pants

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This may seem a strange thing to write about but I am writing about the lovely feeling I got when I saw these two guys walking in front of me on the street. They exhibit true solidarity and companionship in Clothing. Both have big marshmellow black and white shoes, very low riding OMG-how-do-they-not-fall-down-this-minute pants,blue puffy jackets with hoods hanging, shirts hanging down below the bottom edge of their jackets, and the one individualized item to top it off:two different kinds of hats. At first they struck me as comical, two guys unaware how truly they were copies of each other but as I thought about it, I found it heartwarming that they could choose to display their solidarity and pride in being with one another by having taken the time to pick and wear matching clothes. Brotherhood on display walking down the street. We all show our affinities by selecting clothes that our cohort group wears, even as we assert how individually we each dress. But we signal to one another that we are part of the group too. Brothers under the clothes

Walk on,brothers. Strut those togs!


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Christmas Night Sights

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After opening presents we decided that NYC needed a few more tourists to view Central Park ,the lights/window displays on Fifth Avenue, and the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. So off we went. Central Park was not crowded and was wonderful walking. Then we walked down Madison Ave and met Kay,David and Chris near Rockefeller Center. Then on to watch a wonderful light show/film on the facade of Saks. Then many mincing steps with the thousands of other celebrants to see the gorgeous tree. And it was worth the trip. Then over to Park on the way to Chinatown for supper. The Helmsley building was all lit up in Christmas colors. And we ate in Chinatown seated between tall dividers. between two Chinese weddings. We loved the good food and the glimpses of wedding party/guests was fabulous entertainment




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Our Wonderful Holiday

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We had a lovely holiday ,celebrating with Logan, Alan's roommate and also later with Kay and David and Chris. We had a fun time opening presents.







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The Land Of Enchantment; A Drive Toward Chama

Posted by Sermarr

New Mexico dubs itself the land of enchantment and having just returned from an eye popping four days there,it is so true. And why? Because the sky is incessantly performing bravura acts never to be equalled…every day. For free. And it is breath-catching,heart-pounding, heart achingly stupendously colossally beautiful in its glory. High performance art of insensible ions/atoms of moisture and air. Blue so blue it hurts the eye to take it in. And the bottom is framed by brown rolling hills dotted with piñon and scrub. No contest. Just a foil for the glory of the sky making it seem even more iridescent. And sometimes the geology of the place swells up in awe inspiring colored layers of white and gold and red. A counterpoint duet of two beautiful voices, earth and sky, one frozen for eons and one unable to pause for even a millisecond. But joined for the viewer in pure harmony

Here are some pictures of my last days drive up through abiqui (Georgia O'Keeffe's home) and past Ghost Ranch and up towards Chama All this drama took place in three hours.










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Surrounded By Everyday Commonplace Spectacular Beauty in NM

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I'm in New Mexico for this week. And I am struck immediately out the plane door by how gorgeously wanton this place is. A sunset upon arrival,a moonrise over the mountains, a huge planet right over a mountain, and now it's another day so it's time for the sunrise over the casita I'm staying in (thank you Lauren and Larry), and the moon setting in the western blue/pink sky. I feel like my heart expands to beat bigger here to be able to absorb the beauty surrounding me






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“Christopher Colonicus” Gets His Medals

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Also Just got the medals hung/aligned/glued on "Christopher Colonicus". These icons are smaller but quite hard to engineer. Lots of patience (and precise gluing) required. Not traditionally my strong suit, but necessity is mothering me into it. Good thing I can bake things in the interludes.



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“Surviva” Progresses

Posted by Sermarr

Maybe "Surviva" is approaching completion. She acquired some emergency orange and yellow highlights. After she's finished drying, I'll turn her over and see what needs to be done to finish her





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