Torn Asunder Is Morphing Into…

Posted by Sermarr

I have FINALLY gotten back to work in the studio and it is both joyous and hard. I had Tafari, my carpenter assistant, come in and do everything my arm couldn't and wow. So we reorganized the studio, something I had been thinking about for a while. Or rather Tafari reorganized it while I did what I could.
I have been working on consolidating and morphing Torn Asunder. That way the figures will stand out more. So the back is now painted black and I took the top and bottom boards out. And then put a filler board in between the remaining two See what u think
I'm sitting here with ice on my shoulder but ready to go back tomorrow




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“Torn Asunder” Gets Some Big Additions

Posted by Sermarr

I've been working on the wild female figure and still can't get her right. But I really like her new "halo" and hopefully will figure it out eventually.
And I've been thinking about how iconic these figures are. Either in religious settings or in our current lives. A wild man preaching new tangents on the establishment. Could be John The Baptist or James Dean Each wearing animal skins Or the establishment guy St Peter replete with keys or the Secretary of the Treasury. Women- a wild one like Madonna or Lady Gaga…sexual and aggressive or Mary Magdelene. Classically established like Mary,Mother of God or a modern professional woman with children. These icons are universal with us but the context changes as our cultural values change. No longer religious icons but instead now monetary values. The central "crucifix" is now a piece of African money and now some other money has been affixed. A Modern Altarpiece,updating the old religious one




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“Landscape Of The Heart” Gets Some Stitches

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I've been working on getting the pieces positioned and put in place before securing the large glass pieces. So here are some that are stitched down. I love the piece because it is so symbolically suggestive And enigmatic





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“Torn Asunder” Takes Shape

Posted by Sermarr

Today I had a carpenter helper and we took the whole piece from the table where I'd been working on it to the floor where I can really see how it looks from above. This is always an issue making wall sculptures because they have to lay flat because otherwise the things fall off until I can get them finished and secured. But to see it always at an angle on a table does not work eventually. I couldn't move it because of my hurt shoulder. So here are the pictures of how it's shaping up. The wild woman is not right so she will get some more attention tomorrow. And I stitched with black metal wire the supports for the African money piece




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On The Town

Posted by Sermarr

Having had a more regular day in the studio for four hours and with energy to spare, I went to Chelsea to see three galleries that had been recommended to me. They were all possibilities. So that was encouraging
Then I met Kristin at the Chelsea Market and we shopped some and tried to not be crushed by the Saturday afternoon crowd The picture with the clock and the crowd is of it
Then I went to supper with friends and walking through Washington Square Park took the next three pictures: A beautiful full moon over the park, the man who plays the piano for tips in the park. And then one where the arch frames the Empire State Building. Beautiful temperate night; about 60 degrees and everyone out having fun.
It was a great day for me. Hooray for the return of my taken-for-granted high energy level!





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Torn Asunder: Wild Female FigureGets Wilder

Posted by Sermarr

I've been waiting for her to emerge more. And here she is so far. Stay tuned


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“Landscape of The Heart” Advances

Posted by Sermarr

The blue under wash reached the right intensity after some turquoise was added and about three more overlays. And I've begun positioning and securing pieces






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High Energy Returns: New Piece “Worried Sick”

Posted by Sermarr

Today was a great day. All the juice for making things returned. Here is a new character who is very worried. Could be about very sick mother, could be about whether their job is going to be eliminated, could be about whether they'll get a new job. My friends are all involved in these life squeezing events now. So here is someone wired but paralyzed waiting. The situation will be in the rear view mirror one day but now it feels like waiting for a big shoe to drop





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Torn Asunder – Male Wild One Gets Some More Parts

Posted by Sermarr

Today was a low energy day again. Mostly read and laid low. Hope my energy will reappear soon
I worked a little on the Wild one and here he is





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Visit to Cloisters

Posted by Sermarr

I went to the Cloisters yesterday to see the work and to hear a piece of music called The Motets. Janet Cardiff had recorded each voice of a forty part motet written by Tallis. Each voice had its own speaker and we could walk around and hear each voice as if we were in the choir. It lasted 15 minutes. I felt as if I were soaring buoyed up by the sheet magic of the interlaced voices. And we saw the unicorn tapestries and some other medieval art. I was last here 40 years ago soon after I first moved to NYC. The Cloisters is way up near the northwestern tip of Manhattan and is composed of these old Spanish/french cloisters that were imported and conjoined into one building When I was last there,it had snowed and everything was beautiful and still






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