Much Less Joy – I Hurt My Arm & Can’t Work

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Today was not a good day for work and putting all the ideas swirling around in my head into tangible form. I have hurt my upper arm in some way not known to me. But I have sharp pain everytime I try to lift it or anything else with it. All is fine st my elbow or below. So I've had a very immobile day resting it with ice. I tried drilling some holes to stitch into but my arm would not hold out. I feel very fortunate to be in good health and I realize it when I am not in good health

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Upstate Gobbling Huge Art @ Dia & Storm King

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Today we took a bus tour to Dia and Storm King with an alumni group. It was a lovely day, very sunny with an almost Santa Fe blue sky and the bright yellow and red leaves of autumn. I have not always found joy in conceptual art of the 70's and 80's which is the main focus of the Dia Beacon exhibition space in Beacon,NY The artists get to select which space they want their work to be exhibited in. There are 300,000 sq ft in a former Nabisco factory where boxes for Saltine crackers were Printed. The building is enormous and as it was used at daytime there are large clerestory skylights throughout. I have had my eyes and mind opened by this visit to be able to better enjoy conceptual art. We saw some marvelous shadow pictures from Warhol which were amazing. Don Flavin's fluorescent light pieces, and the most amazing were the enormous Richard Serra pieces. I have never seen them displayed this way. And a pile of glass called Atlantis by Robert Smithson I loved it all. Sol LeWitt I still have problems with. That was great fun

Then on to Storm King which is a 500 acre sculpture park near Newburgh, ny on the west side of the Hudson. Huge sculptures by Mark DiSuvaro, one of my favorite artists (he has a studio north of here in Long Island City) The wind began to blow here and was quite chilly The sculptures are laid out very widely spaced and sited on hills specially built for them or long low plateaus. Here are some pictures of them. Would like to go back when it's not so chilly and take their tram ride around so I could cover more and see more








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More Joy! I Am Working Again!

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I have now been able to work for two days straight. Just a half day yesterday but today about 8 hrs. And I love these weird pieces I'm putting together. They have ethnic pieces in them (Chinese balance scales, Chinese folded indigo cloth,brass beads,African iron money) and violin wood scraps, 8 track tape, glass scraps from Murano and the glass blower across the compound, etc etc. and it has been a delight to be making something so full of beautiful unloved objects. I won't be able to work tomorrow because I'll be out all day upstate looking at art at Dia and Storm King What a blast today has been. I am making "wall sculptures" that are as 3-D as my time in Venice taught me that I need to make. HOORAY!





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Right Brain Fights Left Brain:New 3D Piece

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So I am over concentrated on the huge to-do list of catching up with what I didn't get done while I was gone and....shudder,getting ready to move my living stuff to an apartment nearby. So I found an apartment after much searching, found a moving company, passed the entry scrutiny of the apartment building, found a guy to help me rearrange things that are heavy and now I'm working out which things will not be able to go. So far my big 9' long red Tibetan altar table ,the leather loveseat, one of the big wing chairs and who knows what else. I've been moving things out of the back studio to get it ready for the move and to be rented. Today I moved two of my three book cases into the studio. Whew!
I published a rental notice in the artists' website for Tuesday so I need to be able to respond and show it cleaned up. The helper guy comes Monday.

And my right brain said STOP ALL THIS STUFF, I NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING!!! So I started making this wooden (mostly) thing called "Torn Asunder". I love the freedom of it. Just all 3D! I'll put paint on it and stitches after I get it assembled a little more. Here it is

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And I Found A Great Modern Artist: Beate Debus

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And in a small gallery I found a wonderful modern artist. Here is a picture of her sculpture. Her drawings are fabulous too. Look her up on the net to see more. These sculptures are taller than me



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And Some Odds And Ends: Botticelli, Fra Lippo Lippi, Van Dyck,Gainsborough

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And then a whole Italian renaissance section too. And some others Rubens,Hals,Van Dyck. I wore the pads off my feet on this visit to Gemaldegallerie. It's like seeing all European art in a day. They even had lovely Venetian pictures by Canaletto.












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Best In Show…An Amorous Cupid

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And then a show stopper that made me want to kneel and genuflect: Caravaggio's Amor Conquers All. These madly grinning cherubic troublemaker who is merry stomping over and ruling music, war,etc is so heart stoppingly gorgeous I've seen this picture reproduced a lot of times but it is so fresh in person you think he just laid down the brush.



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And Hell! Cranach Had Quite A Judgement Day Too

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Not only Bosch did those surreal judgement day scenes. Here are a few excerpts from the damned's tortures. Makes you want to go out and do good doesn't it?




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Rembrandt. Wow That Rape Scene

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And Rembrandts, oh my. And the horrifying Rape of Persephone with all it's weird perspective that pulls you into how awful this was



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Portraiture:They’ve Been There And Done It!

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So let me tell you that the portraiture by Durer, Petrus Christus, Vanmeer, and others has so much beauty and is so full of emotional profile that its hard to see why anyone ever tried again…except of course that rich people like to have their pictures painted. Here are a few






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