Wood Block Love

Posted by Sermarr

I have in fact fallen in love with carving wood blocks. Here is my T-shirt printed on a press with the thousands of pounds of pressure that it exerts. The wood block itself is what I love but I like this t shirt too. This is something new that I like about printmaking. I've now measured my suitcase so I can take the woodblocks home. It's 40 cm x 30 cm but I'm getting two 40cm x 20 cm pieces of plywood cut to work on


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Up Spring 3-D Things!

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So I'm having a blast working on making experimental 3d things here in the middle of all these artists who are making 2d things I have carved a woodblock called "He/She" in honor of its indeterminate sex and blowzy clothes. So here it is and some prints made from it. I really like carving things. And here are two experiments in paper mâché. A torso made of paper towels with mirror shards embedded and a face made of paper/thread/and a piece of glass I found. Who knows what's next. Our bathroom here clogged up and the plumber came to clean it out. In the mean time we walk home to the apartment to use the bathroom!





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New New Sculpture/Collage Underway

Posted by Sermarr

So today I am building paper sculptures out of the paper I soaked and some flour and water for glue. Kind if like paper mâché. I really like this experimentation. And I just went to the grocery and brought back starch (after google translated the label I was sure it was starch and not rinse). So now I'm going to try starching some of this material and see what happens. Stay tuned





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2D to 3D. Important!

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The two great lessons for me from this studio are: 1) it's a flat medium -printmaking is an exacting,detailed multi-faceted endeavor with lots of different possibilities almost all involving running something through a press and getting one or a multiple set of copies and requiring great expertise and lots of patience and clean up
2) I want to make 3D things; my work needs to push the edge of 2D with objects,stitches, gobs of paint, shards of glass ; A while ago Eratosthenes discovered our world was round and Watson and Crick discovered we're all individual creations. My work needs to celebrate and explore both of these great revelations and printmaking takes me in the opposite direction. It is an amazing personal propulsion to discover so strongly when in retrospect it's very obvious
So I have explored monoprinting but find the press smushed down the globs of ink I really like. And it takes forever to dry. The color of these oil ink pigments is glorious and I want to learn more about oil paint. I have tried printing on fabric but it gets smushed in too. I tried linoleum and wood carving but the resulting print is very flat. I like the original carving better
So now I've turned to making paper,crazy paper with a yellow jacket and Mosquitos in it, and working with paper mâché Onward!







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Murano Sightseeing

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Every morning about 7:30 I walk down and around the different islands here. Especially down to the west end where there seem to be individual staked out garden plots complete with tidy abundant rows of vegetables and big fig/pomegranate/persimmon trees. I think they are individual farmers for their own use. Then I see the businesses open and the delivery boats unloading;the garbage man collecting. Later about 10 the boatloads of tourists appear and clog the street so it's almost impossible to walk down the street. I eat lunch in the studio (a premade fresh salad from the co-op grocery) or in a public garden I found nearby. Later I get a cafe latte at the same restaurant. Now the guy knows me (the first day I asked for a latte and got hot milk. I asked for cafe and it got poured in it). Then I walk around a little and go home. Someone has volunteered to cook and we all eat together. Tonight is my night and I'm making tomato sauce and pasta






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Sights Of Murano: Garbage Sculpture!

Posted by Sermarr

Every day the garbage is picked up here. Different things each day. The locals, residents and businesses and us, put out our plastic bags for the garbage guy with his pushcart to come by. Here are some. They look a lot like surprise Easter eggs or a Biennale installation. I'll include one of a swinging sculpture I liked









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My First Prints

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So here is my color palette of ink and the press and my first two prints. Each are about 3.5 x 3' The first one is over printed three times with the image at 180 degrees and then 90 degrees. And I'm trying to learn the right amount of ink to apply The first had less ink. The second had large quantities of ink on it to see how the pressure of the press pushes the ink. It is overprinted five times. With the image done at different angles. I love the bright colors!





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The Printmaking Studio

Posted by Sermarr

I go around the church and over the bridge and to the compound door Then to our studio and to my table. I've been learning how to make monoprints. That means I put ink on a piece of plexiglass and then it's laid on the press table then a piece of paper is laid on it and then a felt blanket and then,having adjusted the pressure, it's wheeled through the press and voila. The first pressing. Then I've learned that I can send it through again with the same inked plexiglass on the same paper and reorient it for layers of the same image. Or put a different inked plexiglass image on it. And subsequent layers have to be calibrated backward to be put in the right place on the original print. If this sounds confusing, it is. I'm having to learn new textures, ink is oil based, and new cleaning techniques. We clean it all up with vegetable oil and paper towels and elbow grease. So here is my route and my table







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My New Home On Murano

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I left Venice for Murano on Sunday. I got to the ferry stop and followed directions to the apartment. I am one of five people who are in the printmaking workshop. We are in an apartment that's about a five minute walk from the studio. However, I left and went to the Biennale all day after going grocery shopping nearby. Here is my apartment. Three of the people are from Colorado and one from England. They're all here for different periods and doing different types of printmaking.




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The Gritti

Posted by Sermarr

Kristin and I have decided that a wonderful part of our vacation was going to expensive hotel bars for drinks. We get to enjoy the ambiance, excellent service and laugh. So I have been reading the Inspector Brunetti series of detective novels written by Donna Leon about Venice. And in one if them the opera stars he's interviewing all say they're staying at the Gritti. Kristin and I had seen it on our gondola trip so she tracked it down through many dead end alleys and we had a blast sitting out on their deck,watching the moon rise, eating nuts/crackers/olives and her having a Bellini. Here are some pictures of one if the most beautiful hotel lobbies/rooms I've ever seen. (Kristin and i decided that whatever trips we take in the future we will start with a list of the top hotels and roof top gardens before we go. And maybe for our NYC hometown
And stars'pictures and autographs down the hall. Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Taylor? Kristin and I talked about how little her generation knows about some of the old classic stars/movies. I'm making a list. Send yours to me. So far it has "To Kill A Mockingbird" "Who's Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?" "The Black Stallion" And some others.







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