“Trapped”. I’m Weaving A Big Cocoon

Posted by Sermarr

I wove quite a big "cocoon" of cord around the three central figures. It took a long time and a lot of painter's tape. I'm still trying to figure out how to finish it but like how this "jail" effect highlights the women and imprisons them like in a big spider web




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“Trapped” Finally! A solution

Posted by Sermarr

"Trapped" has been sitting and waiting for about a week. It needed a solution as to how to highlight the shadowy slight figures in the middle but still leave them looking lost and invisible. Finally the answer showed up I have spun gray webs across the piece just around the women leaving their heads and upper bodies to be seen clearly. See what you think


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Trip To Harlem

Posted by Sermarr

Today after gluing down the threads of "Trapped",I went to Harlem to see an artist friend's studio and learn something about Harlem. The only times I've been there was in the '70's and '80's when I lived on the west side and would go across 125th street in Harlem from the airport to get home. It was scary the because of all the torn apart houses. Well now it's gorgeous:brownstones being renovated and a very mixed neighborhood My friend's studio is in one of the three renovated brownstones and the whole building is artists' studios. Really wonderful. And then we toured the neighborhood and ate at Sylvia's ,a well known restaurant that has Southern food. Fried chicken, collard greens,black-eyed peas and tomatoes and okra!! Then we went to a place and had wonderful chocolate cupcakes

Then down to the lower east side to meet Kristin,who I missed, and then to Strand's, miles of books to buy a printmaking book so I can have some understanding of printmaking before I go to Venice for the printmaking workshop
A great day of exploring an area which I don't know anything about. Boy, how much things have changed!







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“Spring Heart” Progresses

Posted by Sermarr

This piece has been difficult to finish. It's so much more minimal than what I usually do. But I think it's almost done. I love the small interplay between the various colored lines which are mostly parallel. But not all. Still have to glue the glass in the middle but someone gave me a super duper glue.



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Big Day On The Town In The Big Apple

Posted by Sermarr

Yesterday was chock full of the treasures of Big Apple living. I met my daughter and best friend from childhood who lives in the city and we went to Chinatown for dim sum. For those of you who haven't had it in a huge palace of food like this one, there are about 500 people spread out on this colossal banquet hall (it's used for weddings too) and the freshly made dim sum (steamed dumplings, fried shrimp balls,dry pork dumplings ,etc,etc) are stacked in tall towers of bamboo steamer containers wheeled through aisles among the tables and if you want whatever they have, you signal and they bring it to you. Yum! Amazing how much three people can eat. And I always leave there with every cell glowing. The quality is superb and the variety keeps your mouth so energized. Then we walked through Little Italy and sat at a sidewalk cafe and had espresso and watched the people,mostly tourists, walk by. We stopped at a place where they were selling 3-D printers and they gave us a bracelet made with it. Then a high school gym that some emerging designers were using to show their clothes/jewelry. I tried on a dress I really liked. No fit but the designer,Kevin, is a guy who is after my heart/lots of scraps,ethnic and otherwise and always looking for something no one else values. He's about 70 and said his day job is as an economist at Credit Suisse,a bank!
Then I walked 60 blocks uptown (that's about 3 miles) on this gloriously beautiful day. I met my friend there, took a shower(yes,thank you!),and we walked across Central Park to see a show in the American Folk Art Museum on Bill Traylor. Traylor, an African-American, began drawing/painting when he was 85,sitting on a street corner in Montgomery,Alabama. His work,mostly on irregularly shaped cardboard with poster paint, is amazingly simple and complex. His ability to convey motion and relationship between figures is amazing. Unfortunately,the book of this show did not capture the vibrancy and colors and was not worth buying
Then we had wonderful thin pizza nearby and walked across the street to the Metropolitan Opera where a lighted staircase welcomed us in many languages and they had chairs and a huge screen set up in the central plaza to show for free one of their recorded HD broadcasts. It was La Traviata. Everyone was having a blast. We went to see Mozart's final three symphonies at the Philharmonic Hall as the final performance of the Mostly Mozart Festival. It was fabulous. And at intermission everyone went out on the balcony to catch what was happening at La Traviata next door. Definitely a day of great treasure!
Now back to "Spring Heart"








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“Spring Heart”

Posted by Sermarr

I began another in the heart series. This one is "Spring Heart". It's kind of like Eliot's "April is the cruelest month" because after great sadness and pain, the heart begins to awaken and rejuvenate itself. The beautiful olivey green in the core is hard for the camera to pick up,even in close-up but the brown and green are beautiful together.



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“Unresponsive Heart” Finished

Posted by Sermarr

I have been working steadily on this small piece. It is going to be a series (I think) on the heart. And be part of a book of poetry that is about the deterioration of a relationship. We'll see;stay tuned! Because I've been "stitching" with different gauge and types of wires I've taken some close ups so you can see them. I have to go back now and put some black where the holes expose raw wood but that will be easy. And i need to make a very thin frame in black. I've also taken a picture of the back so you can see the stitches






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True Tortillas For Lunch

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I made tortillas from scratch using real masa harina not the quick stuff. It was easy with a tortilla press and it made a great lunch!



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New piece begun: “The Unresponsive Heart”

Posted by Sermarr

I began a new piece today. It's been rolling around in my head the things that some of these evil men have done in imprisoning,raping, torturing, and killing women. Oscar Pistorius, the "Blade Runner" ,was accused of murdering his girlfriend today. Ariel Castro who held three women hostage for ten years,etc. and none of them seem to have any expressed guilt even after they're convicted. Somehow they have a different lens that they can view the world and not see the pain they cause. Ariel Castro even said that they had "harmony" in the house. With three prisoners?
So I'm doing a small piece that uses the glass I got from the glassblower to make a heart that seems clear and not able to feel pain. Here's the framework in OSB


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“Trapped”. Three Panels In Place

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After wrestling with loose cords and tight cords and holes in the wrong places and with giving the center figure a face, I finally got the three figures in place in their webs. Now I have to figure out what to do next. The figures are almost invisible they're so slight in relation to the size and boldness of the rest of the piece. So my head is surely working on what next and will let me know when it figures it out…maybe tomorrow?






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