Hunkering down NYC style in Hurricane Sandy

Posted by Sermarr

Today was split in half. An outdoors morning and an indoors afternoon. Hurricane Sandy dominates our movements now. The wind and rain were very light in the morning. People and cabs were out. I went out and walked around Soho with my daughter We bought some groceries and ate Italian food. And took some pictures of people and cabs. In the afternoon we hunkered down and didn't go anywhere. So here are a few pictures from this afternoon




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Street art in NYC

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And as I was rushing to make the subway ( because it was closed down at 7 pm due to Hurricane Sandy's approach) I saw this piece of Halloween street art tucked down near a basement window. Hope they take them in before the hurricane hits



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Another art & more art in NYC

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In the afternoon I walked up to MOMA. There i saw some old favorites, like this Monet and they had a pastel "Scream" on display with some of Much's other work And then over to the Asia Society to see a show by Lin Tianmiao Very interesting huge tableaux of completely covered-in-thread objects






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Art and more art in NYC

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Yesterday I went to the Metropolitan Museum with one of the artists from Vermont who is staying here in town for a week Despite Hurricane Sandy beginning to breathe on us, the city was a very normal seeming Sunday at the Met we saw so many things that don't seem similar, but are united by our pleasure in them
So here is some beautiful saint clothing in vivid colors and a few other treats





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Researching Greenpoint, Brooklyn as a place for a studio

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Yesterday I got up at my programmed-for-breakfast time of 7. I walked to sixth avenue for breakfast in this typical NYC diner. Then off on the L to Greenpoint to see how the neighborhood felt as a prospect for a studio. There is a long established Polish neighborhood in the center near the big streets of Manhattan and Bedford with shops and lots of people. I found,on the peripheries of tie neighborhood in transition with a lot of young people and lots of warehouses and new stores popping up There is only one subway line that is straight shot across to 14th st in NYC and to all the other subways. But in Greenpoint with its one L stop for the neighborhood the distances to walk could be great Also a number of nice parks and great views of manhattan










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Packing and walking day

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Today was very leisurely. And a little hollow. We had our "breakfast club" of early morning risers. We usually all squeeze in at one table in this huge dining hall. Then with the help of a friend I took down my show,rolled everything into a huge cardboard roll I'd bought at the hardware store. I shipped it and three other boxes stuffed with paint and works on paper. Then took a two hour walk up the hill and loved the sheer physical energy of walking fast. I fell in love with the huge calligraphy of the asphalt repairs. It looks like an enormous hand has inscribed the street with runes from some ancient Arabic/Chinese language. I met a friend when I got back into town and we walked some more down to the river
And lastly I gave to Elizabeth the poem art which I had created out of Kathleen's poem. It is especially meaningful to her because it talks about icy times (she's from Alaska ) and in the second part invokes green and growing things (she works in a garden nursery).
Here are pictures of these things. Enjoy. I am contemplating how strange it will be to come back to earth where I have to pay bills, cook, clean house And make art. Instead of just make art. Will be a weird reentry where gravity and friction apply just as they did before I went off into this art capsule orbiting the earth





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Open Studio night. Everybody looks at everybody else’s studio/work

Posted by Sermarr

I spent all day packing up my studio. Giving away all the treasures I had accumulated. Back went the wooden pieces, the metal pieces, the black plastic plant nursery trays, and all the kids stuff I had-alphabet foam letters/kids books etc. Al the things for kids will go to a kids program they run here.
I took my big red suitcase over to my studio, took all the remaining fabric off the walls and packed it. Another box for paint and another for cord,scissors etc. and one big box of paper art. I bought a 5' long tube which I will roll all the work up in and ship it. The show comes down in the morning and goes into the tube.
So here I am in my studio with the work I had hanging there







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Nine rings of hell-monster #7

Posted by Sermarr

Today we took a drive to to go to the hardware store and a few other stops. The strangest thing about Morrisville is that it is called different names and on signs right next to one another. Some signs say Morrisville and some say Morristown. Never saw that before. Anyway I got charcoal mosquito screen at the hardware store and other things that were the right color or shape I think it amused our salesman whose name was Wilfred because by the time we finished he had transformed from a grumpy guy into a guy with a smile and a twinkle in his eye. The Dollar Store had also some great things. We three had a great lunch at the Bee's Knees. Then I came home to paint the monster for poem 7. It was amazing to see many eyes show up and crossed orange things for a body. And a tube which could be blowing out or sucking in the tiny shells caught in streams of maroon paint. And an albino fish that is kind of a belt buckle position. And s stainless steel and orange "skirt" that looks warrior/armor like
So here it is. It will have purple silk behind it




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Nine rings of hell poems -short monster #1

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Today I made a short monster to go with one of Kathleen's poems. She's make a 21st century Dante-esque nine circles of hell I wanted to figure out how to make monsters it's not easy. Do they have heads and other human like parts? Are they only enigmatic shapes? What colors do monsters have? Bright? Dark? Big teeth?
So I wanted to see what would show up when I made it. And I wanted to make it on fiberglass window screen. So here it is


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Stitches on a War Shield piece

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Today I also worked on stitching a piece that is abstract. I wanted it to be highlighted so that its elements were elevated from 2D to 3D.
And I wanted to have some flowing elements that broke the rectangle of the paper


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