“The Worst Mistake I Ever Made”

Posted by Sermarr

This piece was begun as a demo at my solo show on July 19th. It is about how surprising the choices made by institutional leaders when confronted by the knowledge of child sexual abuse by one or more of its members. In each case the church and school leaders chose to believe that the institution was so fragile that it should be protected instead of the children who had been entrusted to their care. Surrounded by huge financial, physical and moral assets, they still saw the institution as more in need of support than the child. Joe Paterno said of his decision to not report his assistant to the authorities "it was the worst mistake I ever made". The institutions are paying for these mistakes in much more severe ways than they would have then,if the predators had been stopped. The future value of moral mistakes is enormous



169 Faces. Minus a few

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I've worked all day on 169 Faces. And interruptions have left me behind where I wanted to be at the end of day. And I just can't do anymore quality work to make up the time lost. It is frustrating but I will try again tomorrow and it may not be in this show. Which I really wanted to happen. But I can't show it in its current rough form. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


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169 Faces

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I worked most of the day on 169 Faces. And applying names. Such faces and names of people very down on their luck at some point in their life. It's amazing how many hard luck heroes we have. I guess part of being a hero is to overcome some big obstacle. Or to perish after having done something famous...like Mozart So here they are,so far



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Blue. Almost finished

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While I've been unable to blog, I've been busy. Here is Blue. Almost finished. Just some glue and the frame. It is another one that was difficult to build with the shattered glass and stitching. And the guitar parts and strings. And I don't feel as blue as I did when I started Blue; there's something so recuperative about the passage of time in life. Very distracting... All the new news and the things to keep us busy. But I still miss my friend


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Soul Scars Finished

Posted by Sermarr

It took a while to fix my blog post. Something went wrong with it. But now it's fixed and Soul Scars is finished. This piece has been contemplative to make because it evokes all the old wounds of childhood and how they served me well and I'll as I responded to them through life. And it was difficult to build with all these little pieces and cord





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Soul Scars. Gets memories

Posted by Sermarr

I spent all day putting the memories into the soul scars. And, in fact, these are real coded memories, gigabytes of them. It seems to me that when I get scarred, I go to work on it, twisting and turning. Trying to see through the hurt and look for some lesson or meaning. And sometimes I look for patterns across past hurts, so I can avoid getting them in the future. And sometimes there's nothing to do but hurt, till conversations with friends, time and distraction allows me to cover them over.





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