Two Ways Out…New PIece Begun Today

Posted by Sermarr

I have been reading about these women that feel they have no other way out so they douse themselves with gasoline and burn up, or take poison or...some gruesome way to kill themselves rather than live with the shame or brutality of their lives. And I was talking to someone here about how in this warm embracing family culture, you are watched, criticized, and judged by all these nosy relatives. It felt to me like growing up in a small place in the southern United States where the same social control was in place. In fact I wrote my honors thesis in college about this phenomena, which keeps significant social change from happening. Heard of the Tea Party? Mostly from small towns. So this piece is about how in every closed place women who are under pressure and want to leave the system (most don't even consider it) there are two ways out....death in the end or by choice and fleeing through education, new job, new town, etc It's not through. To start it, I got Jaykirti to lie down on the top of the silk and I traced her outline with a small block and orange paint, which you can see a picture of here. Then I went to work. Not finished, but will be tomorrow I think...I worked like aTwo Ways Out 6

Two Ways Out 9

Two Ways Out 12

Two Ways Out 7

Two Ways Out 11 fiend on this...