Lots of Interested People Came Through Over the Next Two Days

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I had a great time sitting there for the next two days.  Lots of people of all ages came through.  I let them walk all around and then asked if they had any questions.  Almost without exception they wanted to know what the work is about.  And so I told them the stories behind them.  In addition Hari, the taxi driver who takes me to the block maker and who speaks English, brought his family.  Also, Raju, the block maker came to bring some more blocks and to see the show.

.DSCN5316 DSCN5319DSCN5314IMG_5256


The Work….or the Reason For The Show!!

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Here are the pieces that went on display at the exhibit., in the order that they were displayed.  The largest is 6 feet by four feet.  The smallest is  30"X22".  All have traditional blocks combined with contemporary work, except for the black and white ones. And of course they all have stories

.India (28 of 49)India (29 of 49)India (30 of 49)India (31 of 49)India (32 of 49)

India (21 of 49)India (22 of 49)India (24 of 49)



India (25 of 49)India (23 of 49)India (26 of 49)


India (27 of 49)







The Opening!!

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So, with clean fingernails and an outfit that Jaykirti made for me with one of my blocks as the imagery, we opened!! Five o'clock till seven with tea served. Here is the lamp which was lit for propitious times. And a picture of me with the two women without whom I could not have made this work and show happen - Devena Singh on the left the Director of the ArtInn and Jaykirti Singh on the right the designer and owner of the block printing workshop that I work in. It was great fun!



India (12 of 49)

India (8 of 49)

India (16 of 49)

India (41 of 49)


Black And White All Over Again!!

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I seem to have fallen into a whole new thing here at the end.  I'm making these minimalist and mono colored pieces.  It is such a different thing for me as a colorist not to use color to convey the emotions, along with the composition.  But here the composition and a small insertion of color carries it all.  So see what you think.  I'm obsessed with them. And for some reason I can't get the other three of these to load...but I'm posting this anyway.

DSCN5157 DSCN5122 DSCN5123 DSCN5152


New Piece: “The Gospel According To…”

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Having just read the Mahabharata and some comics about Indian mythology/religion/stories, I must have been thinking at the back of my right brain about how we all build on or steal important mythic/iconic stories and figures.  Joseph Campbell said it best.  So here is a piece about how this works...fragment on fragment being assembled.The Gospel According To... 3


The Best Address….New Piece Black and White again!!

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I was inspired by the black and white piece I did two days ago "Infinite Horizon" to try another one.  For a colorist like me, black and white is hard....it looks incomplete when it's just black and white....but it also looks so powerful and stark and it reads really well.  So I thought I'd try it again.  With a huge stone that I use as a block.  I used it so hard by banging it down a few times that the master at the other end of the table called out "Sarahji!" because I was shaking the table at his end from my end....20 feet away.  So I only did it when he was not working at the moment.  So here it is...in all its black and whiteness with one piece having some additional light shading...called "The Best Address".

DSCN4464 DSCN4484 DSCN4473

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Racing the clock still, as today was SAturday and the last workday in this week.  Here they work six days a week at the block workshop. And I was trying to finish as much as I can.  Luckily ideas were pouring out.  It took quite a bit of work to finish this piece since the images are so dominant...And the confessional forks were the last image added.  They are what was used in the Inquisition and other places to get heretics to confess.  See what you thinkDSCN4460 DSCN4461 DSCN4462

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“Infinite Horizon” Made with Long Spars of Granite and Sandstone

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This piece just roared out....it started to be something about tracking and wow, it just took over.  It has the wonderful appearance of someone walking....and things speeding up....and is horizontal, even though it started as vertical.  Making these free form things with big pieces of stone is great fun and always interesting to see what they do

.Infinite Horizon 7


“Confession” – Born From New Blocks

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This piece is autobiographical and uses some of the new blocks.  It is a very symbolic piece to me, but probably difficult for others to decode

.Confession 1 Confession 2 Confession 4 Confession 5


Finished piece: At Sea

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At Sea 6Today I finished this piece which is about being lost in a sea of too much....